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Sale of doves

With our years of experience, we offer

the sale of palombières ready to assemble

You want to treat yourself by mounting one or more 

pigeons on your property?

    We deliver your "turnkey" palombières!

  The price of our palombières varies according to their height and the options you wish to add.

  - For example, for a 15m palombière the price of bas will be around 4500€

  - For a 20m one, it will be 5500€


    In order to send you a precise quote, do not hesitate to fill out the form below:

  • By clearly specifying the size and the number of palombières you want,

  • The options you want to add,

  • And your delivery address for the precise calculation of shipping costs

 - Once you have accepted your quote, we will send you your purchase order and a deposit request to validate your order.

Do not hesitate to contact us for any requests

additional information.


Quote request Palombière

Get your free and personalized quote

for your order of palombières



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Thank you for your request !

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