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It's been over 15 yearsthat we survey the Sologne long and wide to offer you different biotopes. This allows us to follow the birds in their search for food throughout the hunting season.

Wefound and selectedmany territories to offer you to datemore than 75 hunting stations on 23 different terrains.

Hunt inHeight or Ground, free of your choice we will advise you on the sector of the moment for your success.


Come and hunt on our palombières which are among the largest in France!


Our positions at height are all secureof course withbearingsto get there. You can use at your request nos Adventure Park systems, 25 harnesses are at your disposal.

All our structures are scaledafaudage or pallet rack type, which allows you toclimb inside closed airlocks with small landings of about 2m50 to 5m00great maximum.

Theformerly pylons with unsecured straight ladders over 20min one piecedisappeared,this for security reasons et to offer you better!

We offer you to datewhat is best in height hunting for wood pigeons in France, with a multitude of territories dedicated to this practice of hunting and the diversity of the grounds for youreceive several consecutive days.

The new generations of hunting pylons are little marvels all equipped with paddles/rackets with live decoys that we set up for you in the early morning for your success.Some stations can receive up to 8 live callers, an exceptional attraction for your results!


All thesets are wiredto the extreme for youshooting comfort in stability and for your safety.

It is then very easy to hunt at average heights of 14 to 18 meters even if you have vertigo!

Our ground hunts, "English decoying" method"is practiced at the edges of crops or in meadows, on the edge or in the woods.

We accept children from 14 years old to accompany you, this to promote and train this exceptional hunt for live decoys.

Shooting is practiced exclusively on the fly...



A movie "Seasons" a  was done
in Sologne 

A movie "Seasons" a  was done
in Sologne 

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