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22 territories equipped with 75 posts and our famous 40 palombières. And now 6 additional territories dedicated to ground hunting using English method decoying...

Come and hunt with friends on our palombières which are among the largest in France


We youpropose to hunt each day on a different territory, adapted to the circumstances.


Our posts are positioned on the edge of plains close to corn or sunflower crops, others are carefully placed in the middle of the forest for hunting passages or during migrations.

40 pigeonsare now in place, covering a good part of the department of Loiret 45, Cher 18 and Loir-et-Cher 41. They have a height of up to 26 meters,which makes it one of the largest in France.

A film "Seasons" was made in Sologne for this.

The TV channel "Chasse et Pêche" also unveiled us on the big screen.

You have been able over the past two years,read the "Great reports" on our know-how.

We thank especially magazines,The National Hunting Review, The French Hunter, Knowledge of Hunting and Hunting Travel.


ground hunting

We also offer ground hunts under the same guiding conditions with live decoys.

With our experience in England, we will offer you an English hunting station with pure Decoying... formidable efficiency on our crushed corn for this purpose!

We work on the ground with DECOYS DECOYS shapes and 3Ds, paired with live flappers and decoys.


Hunting at Height from 3 to 26m 

A whole set up is necessary for your success,the positions at height are all secureof course with bearings.


We can provide you with a harness/harness to climb the ladders that we will recommend to you every morning at the briefing.


A large part of our structures are now also mounted on scaffolding, whichallows you to climb inside closed airlocks with small landings of about 2m50 to 5m00 maximum.

It is then very easy to hunt at average heights of 14 to 18 meters.

Each palombière is accompanied by 2 to 8 living ones, arranged at the height of the last branches to be able to obtain maximum attraction even in the fall when the trees are still well furnished with leaves.

Your Guideis present to train you and share its experience with youof this extraordinary traditional hunt.

We will remain at your disposal all day if necessary.You are in complete autonomy for your hunting comfort and enjoy every moment...

Take a good look at the handling of the strings to activate the rackets remotely, in a few minutes it will be up to you!

You will hunt at the post all day in autonomy to finish at the end of the afternoon at your convenience between 4 p.m. and 5 p.m. depending on the season and the light.

Nothing nicer than being able to contemplate the landscape with a breathtaking view.


But beware, these birds are extremely suspicious, you will nevertheless need to camouflage yourself well to get a perfect shot on birds that come to lay on your decoys.

Shooting is practiced on the fly, and it is not that obvious! The birds sting like arrows on your bird calls and are then very fast.

There is no doubt that you will have great emotions at the approach of flights which can sometimes reach several tens of individuals whom you will have been able to attract to concretize your table.

Welcome and Conduct of your Hunting Day 

Our morning appointments: After the verification of our hunting sectors in the afternoon by our guides, we select the hunting ground for the next day and this every day.

The goal is to take you to the best place at the best time with an unequivocal service!​

Your location and hunting schedule will be sent to you the evening before between 5 p.m. and 7 p.m. by SMS.

The hunt always begins at daybreak, for your organization plan to join us in the early morning between 7h-7h30 (depending on the season).


We have been receiving essentially the same groups of hunters for many years, who find birds with us but also a quality of service and little hunted territories. As a general rule, you come once and come back with friends...

We can receive up to 10-12 hunters at a time in excellent organizational and hunting conditions.

We have at your disposal rural lodges/hunting lodges whose photos you will find by clicking on the "house" link. A large living room and a large fully equipped kitchen (common areas) are at your disposal for your meals and other aperitifs at the end of the hunt.

You will discover a friendly hunt with very nice facilities.

On the hunting side with good weather and a standard migration, it is rare not to shoot a minimum of 10 wood pigeons in good conditions per day and per post and many many more.

It is good to know that the Sologne has become a wintering point for many birds, which allows you to also make beautiful baskets in winter in the months of January and February "outside of migration".

It is a wild and migratory bird, therefore we cannot guarantee any painting or the number of cartridges fired. There is an element of success and bad weather. Don't think about coming to shoot 250 rounds a day, you might be disappointed!

It's called hunting migratory birds...


Hunting period

We receive you from the beginning of the migration from mid-October to February 10, but we have had extensions for years until February 20 because our beautiful blue is classified as harmful in our departments.

We hunt 7 days a week on different territories for the rest of the birds (anticipate your reservations to hope to find a place to join us).

You must carry your hunting license valid for department 45, 41 or 18 (which we will confirm to you beforehand) as well as your hunting insurance valid for the season. All this will be systematically checked every morning, in the event of a missing piece you will not be able to hunt.


Our morning appointments as a reminder

We send you the evening before your arrival, our meeting point and timetables by SMS between 6 p.m. and 7 p.m.

Our meeting point is always very easy to find, it is the church square of the small local village.

You will then follow us with your personal vehicle to the hunting site (all our paths are passable, all vehicles can easily access our car parks and this in each hunting sector).



We recommend camouflaged clothing which we believe is essential. Some people don't think that a pigeon can spot you from more than 500 m away, but that's the case!

So imagine yourself with 200 eyes on the lookout and you perched in the treetops... The simple movement of the gun barrel outside the post is enough to divert the flights.

Balaclavas are mandatory for your success.

A backpack is useful for mounting and carrying your ammunition, picnics and other accessories.

Provide a soft cover for your weapon, it is easier to transport than a briefcase.

For security aspects, only one weapon is authorized per hunter.

Semi-automatic rifles are allowed.

Dogs are prohibited in all of our hunting areas.

Inclus dans notre offre :

  • ​Les appelants vivants,

  • tout le matériel de chasse aux pigeons ramiers au sol ou sur pylônes.

  • ​L'accueil sur votre lieu de RDV, vous nous suivrez avec votre véhicule sur le territoire du jour.

Non inclus :

  • ​Votre pique-nique et boissons,

  • ​Hébergement,

  • ​Armes et munitions,

  • Vos assurances chasse et permis de chasser.

Nous pouvons finir votre journée de chasse


Affût aux sangliers

80€/chasseur, (pas de taxe d'abattage), en sus bracelet 30€ sera facturé par animal, (minimum 2 chasseurs). La location d'une carabine est possible avec ses munitions, 20€ l'affût.

L'animal prélevé vous revient intégralement.

Passées aux canards 

80€/chasseur, (minimum 2 chasseurs)

Il s'agit d'une passée du soir après votre journée de chasse aux Palombes, nous vous emmènerons sur un autre terrain dédier uniquement à la sauvagine. Nous nous gardons la possibilité de vous faire un envol d'étang en cas de non présence avérée de migrateur...

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